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What does the name "Smoke Ring" mean?


A pinkish ribbon of color usually on the edges of the meat, but sometimes throughout (in thinner meat such as pork ribs.) A smoke ring is desirable and signifies well-smoked meat.



How big is the trailer?


The trailer is 22 feet long and 8.5 feet wide



What do you pull the trailer with?


Our trailer is pulled with at special ordered 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. 



Will you bring the trailer to our catered event?


Yes! Please make sure to check the box on the catering form and ensure that there is enough space for the trailer and truck to park (don't have to be together).



What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.



I am a Vegetarian/Vegan, do you have anything I can eat?


Unfortunately we are pure carnivores here at Smoke Ring, but we know that vegetables are part of a healthy diet so we serve coleslaw to fill that portion of our diet.  Our Smoked Mac N Cheese is also vegetarian.



I have a Gluten allergy, what can I eat?


Luckily you can have any of the meats, coleslaw and pit beans.  Just request no bun with the pulled pork and chicken.



I love your sauce, can I buy some?


Thank you for the compliment! Our sauces are finally ready for purchase.  We will have bottles available for purchase on the food truck, with delivery orders or you can place an order to be shipped through our website:

If you have other questions please use our contact form and we will gladly respond!


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